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The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish learning…because Jewish education didn’t have to stop at age 13!

Have you thought it would be nice to understand what the prayers are all about during Saturday morning services…the ones whose meaning you don’t quite understand?


Have you thought it would be nice to understand more of our Jewish biblical history? 


Or have you just always wanted to know more about what it means to be Jewish?


This year, Jewish Federation, through its Adult Jewish Education programming is bringing you the opportunity to do all that at the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. Melton is the best way to gain Jewish literacy in an open trans-denominational, intellectually stimulating learning environment.

Here’s the skinny on Melton’s core curriculum of 25 sessions at Jewish Federation:

  1. Rhythms of Jewish Learning
  2. Purposes of Jewish Learning


Here’s what makes Melton life-changing:


  • The texts themselves - ancient and modern - connect students to the past, present, and future in powerful ways. Text-based study is a link to enduring Jewish values and ideas, and the opportunity to engage with these timeless sources through a systematic, proven curriculum is empowering.
  • The pluralistic nature of Melton courses often provides our students an opening to step outside of their own familiar orientation to Judaism for the very first time. The chance to hear, understand and learn to respect another point of view makes a lasting impression on Melton participants, opening them up to the rich diversity of the Jewish people. 
  • Hearing a multiplicity of voices - including their own - in Melton classes enriches our students’ learning. Our talented faculty encourages students to ask higher-level questions and to make connections between the texts and their lives. Through this type of learning, students create a meaningful community with their peers.

Are you a wondering Jew? Did you take one of Federation’s Tastes of Melton with Rabbi Brian Leiken or Rabbi Paula Mack Drill? Were you so excited that you’ve decided you want to learn more about what it means to be Jewish? Have you made a commitment to Melton this year? Or are you still on the fence? Give Barry Kanarek a call: 845-362-4200 x.170. He’s got the answers…and if he doesn’t he’ll find them for you!


Don’t miss out on a fulfilling year of Jewish thought, practice, and history…because your Jewish education didn’t have to stop at age 13. Classes start in October.